Morocco (2009)

Morocco 2009 One Man on a Bike

By early 2009 I’d completed a lap of Ireland, a short camping trip to North Wales, a two day camping trip to France and numerous trips in southern England. As the year progressed the lust for a bigger trip got stronger and stronger and I found myself looking further afield. I looked at Spain but it didn’t seem all that adventurous, Russia sounded incredible but the paperwork was scary, eastern Europe was still Europe and then I found Morocco. Morocco was exactly what I had been looking for; it was on the African continent, it was exotic, it had desert, mountains, danger, bucket loads of adventure and was completely out of control! That was it, I was sold.

I started my planning immediately which was comprised of finding out how to get across the border into Morocco and that was about it. My big plan for the route was head south. What could go wrong? Well, I could take a wrong turn and head 450 miles in the wrong direction, or I could briefly set myself on fire whilst trying to cook sausages on my petrol stove, or almost pass out from the 50 degree heat of the Sahara, or perhaps, in Ibiza on the way home, I could cartwheel the bike down the road at 50 mph whilst I cartwheeled down the road next to it (but those stories are for another occasion). The truth is I experienced a trip of a lifetime, I lived the little boys dream. It may only have been a month in time but that trip changed my life and I am a better person for it.

Looking back on that trip in 2009 I can’t help but feel I missed a great opportunity for a book. I was completely naive, full of enthusiasm and doing it for the first time. I do have some notes that I made during the trip and perhaps one day, when life is a little quieter, I’ll turn them into a book. In the mean time please feel free to browse through some of my photographs, simply click to enlarge, then hit the back button to return.