One Man on a Bike (Greece)

On the 17th of June of this year I’ll be stepping away from society and indulging in my passion for motorcycles and travel. I’ll be leaving my home in the south east of England at around 3 a.m. and riding my heavily loaded Honda Transalp to the port of Dover where I’ll attempt to catch the ferry to Calais. “Why take the ferry” I hear you say “when there’s a train which is both faster and easier?” Well, that’s a fair question. Being slightly Scottish means, according to my wife, that I’m slightly tight (not to mention slightly skint), and as such, I’ve decided to make this a ‘budget adventure’. With the price of a trip from Dover to Calais for my motorcycle and I coming in at just over twenty quid the question of boat or train was easily answered. The unanswered question; however, is where next?

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