My Books


Below is a list of the books I’ve written. Click on one of the links below to read more about each book and to find out where it can be bought from.

One Man on a Bike – Morocco Bound (The First Trip)

One Man on a Bike, Morocco Bound (the first time)

Released in July of 2020, this is my latest book. It’s about my first ever bike trip to Morocco. From the back:

After eleven years, Richard finally felt he possessed the necessary skills to put his first, and most adventurous trip yet, down on paper. This is his story. This is a book about a rather ordinary man who had an extraordinary adventure. At thirty-seven, Richard wanted excitement so embarked on a month-long, solo motorbike ride from England to Morocco and back. What he didn’t realise was that he was about to get a little more excitement than he bargained for. He was shot at somewhere around the Morocco/Algeria border, he rode through a minefield, completely lost his way in the blistering fifty-degree heat of the desert, got blind drunk in Alicante and cartwheeled his bike down the road in Ibiza. He also experienced many wonderful characters, moments of pure joy, intense emotion and enlightenment that changed him as a human. This book is not only about his adventure, but also about Richard’s progress as a person and his battles with his past.

One Man on a Bike – Greece

One Man on a Bike, Greece

This book is about my solo, bike trip from England to Greece and back in 2017. From the back:

Take one self-deprecating idiot with a sense of adventure, a sense of humour but no sense of direction, and add a vindictive GPS which also has no sense of direction and you have One Man on a Bike, a Greek Oddity.This book is a record of Richard’s month long, solo trip from England to Greece and back on his motorbike. With his incredible propensity for disaster, he bumbles through Europe in his own special style attempting to absorb his surroundings whilst keeping his inner Mr Angry at bay. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he doesn’t. You’ll accompany Richard through his six-thousand mile, little boys adventure. You’ll either laugh with him or at him, but by the end of the book you’ll understand a little more about what it’s like to be someone who struggles to reach the dizzy heights of average.

(how not to do) A Lap of Ireland

One Man on a Bike, A Lap of Ireland

This tiny book is about me getting the bug, passing my test and going to Ireland. From the back:

This is a short book about me getting the motorcycling adventure bug, passing my test and fumbling my way around Ireland. It includes rain, falling off, mud, contentment, camping, more rain, misery, nirvana, two complete flip outs, a chilli con carne, wine and a fine selection of English and French cheeses.

One Man on a Bike – Morocco

One Man on a Bike, Sahara and back

This was my first book so please be aware of that. It’s about my second trip to Morocco back in 2012. From the back:

This book is about my month long, 10,000 mile, solo motorbike trip from Buxted in East Sussex to the Sahara Desert and back. Along the way I meet interesting people, a thief, a number of policemen, a very sweet donkey, a large mountain range, a suicidal black bee and a scorpion that fell from my ceiling.

I rode through France, over the Pyrenees and through Spain, over the Gibraltar Strait and into Morocco, west to the coast, south to Rabat and Casablanca, inland to Marrakesh, over the High Atlas Mountains to Ouarzazate, then to Zagora, Erfoud, Errachidia, Merzouga and Mhamid. Oh, and back again.

I experienced the phenomenal 50 degree heat of the Sahara Desert in the summer whilst wearing thick, black motorbike leathers, I saw sights that will remain in my heart forever, I ate a dinner that left me with a bottom like a red hot bullet hole and I rode through rain like you’ve never seen before.

So, why not join me for my adventure of a life time and enjoy my humour, my propensity for disaster and my lust for laughter.