One Man on a Bike


Welcome to my world, friend. And welcome to my website. In here you’ll find information and pictures about my trips, my books and, on the Snippets from Life page, you’ll get a little insight into my weird and funny little head. You can download my A Lap of Ireland book completely free of charge, or you can purchase my latest book, Morocco Bound, directly from me. Oh, and if you want my Greek book, there’s a link to the publisher’s website.

Overlanding Morocco

Some say my travelling style is refreshing, others say I’m just an idiot. I think the truth is a bit of both. I go on these adventures because I love the feeling of freedom. For most of my life, I do what I’m told by either my diary or my wife. As such, I don’t draw up detailed plans or routes, I just wing it and hope it all works out. Sometimes it does and I end up with an easy day, sometimes it doesn’t and I end up with a story. Either outcome is okay by me.

So, the books. Let me give you a brief run down so you know what to buy and what to avoid.

My latest book is called One Man on a Bike – Morocco Bound. I wrote it in 2020 and I’d say it’s my best book by far. It’s about my first big motorbike adventure and I’m proud not only of the book but also of undertaking such an awesome solo trip. It’s the stuff of little boys dreams. But don’t just take my word for it, click here and read Sam Manicom‘s review.

Morocco Adventure Motorbike

Another cracking adventure is my Greek book. It’s called One Man on a Bike – Adventures on the road from England to Greece and back. This was another solo trip and was undertaken in 2017. My basic route was England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, France and back to England. It was one hell of an adventure with lots of tense moments, laughter and interesting thoughts. Again, I feel this one is quite well written.

Greece Overland Motorcycle
It all started nicely but little did I know it was going to get steep, and I do mean steep.

Previous to this, I wrote a very small book about me getting the motorbike adventure bug, passing my bike test and doing a lap of Ireland. This book is called (hot not to do) A Lap of Ireland and is free, it can be downloaded from here but you can also purchase a paperback from Amazon at cost price (I’ve set the price so that I break even, I get nothing except the satisfaction of knowing you’re reading it!) Obviously I’m biased but I think it’s also a very funny book and reasonably well written. It’s normally read in just one or two sittings.

And to my first book. This one I’m not so proud of. It’s called One Man on a Bike – England to the Sahara and Back and is about my second trip to Morocco in 2012 and it’s not well written at all. I was trying to give up smoking whilst writing the book so I relived my 60 a day habit through the words of the book. If you do get this book, please fogive me. My favourite review of this book tells you everything you need to know. “If this book was free it would still be too expensive.” <grin>