One Man on a Bike (Morocco)


Disclaimer: This was my first book and, not surprisingly, it’s not written very well. The story’s great, but that writing ..

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I don’t think it’s possible to be unaffected by an experience such as my 2009 motorcycle trip to Morocco. I will always be a little selfish and perhaps slightly materialistic, but I found that upon my return from Morocco those elements of me had been significantly toned down. I gained a new appreciation of thought and noticed that I valued experiences more and objects less.

As time ticked by the craving to go back to Morocco got stronger and stronger. Then in 2012 I caved in and started planning another trip. Actually, the truth is that I got very drunk and broadcast my intentions on Facebook, before I knew it I’d been sponsored by a number of people and told how very brave I was. At that point I was committed, backing out was just not an option.

I spent the next few months planning the trip and whenever I had the time I’d sneak off to the shed and tinker with the bike or some piece of camping equipment. I loved those evenings and treasure the memories of them to this day.

As I bumbled my way through the trip I did my best to post regular updates to my blog and before long it had quite a following. Upon my return I was told by lots of people that I should write a book as the blog had really grabbed them. The following year I did just that and converted the blog into a book, not being a natural author I found the whole process incredibly difficult; however, I also found is incredibly rewarding. One Man on a Bike was my first book and was released in 2013, the reviews are great.

My “One Man on a Bike” book is no longer available new but because of the way Amazon works it’s sometimes available to purchase used. Click here to see the Amazon page.

Here’s what I wrote in a sales blurb for Amazon:

This book is about my month long, 10,000 mile, solo motorbike trip from Buxted in East Sussex to southern Morocco and the Sahara Desert and back. Along the way I meet interesting people, a thief, a number of policemen, a very sweet donkey, a large mountain range, a suicidal black bee and a scorpion that fell from my ceiling.

I rode through France, over the Pyrenees and through Spain, over the Gibraltar Straights and into Morocco, west to the coast, south to Casablanca, Rabat, inland to Marrakesh, over the High Atlas Mountains to Ouarzazate, then to Zagora, Erfoud, Errachidia, Merzouga and Mhamid. Oh, and back again.

I experienced the phenomenal 50 degree heat of the Sahara Desert in the summer whilst wearing thick, black motorbike leathers, I saw sights that will remain in my heart forever, I experienced a dinner that left me with a bottom like a red hot bullet hole and I rode through rain like you’ve never seen before.

So, why not join me for my adventure of a life time and enjoy my humour, my propensity for disaster and my lust for laughter.

.. and from the back:

“After getting on my bike I became so excited that I just couldn’t sit still, I was twitching like an idiot, talking non-stop and rocking in my seat. When I left it was all I could do to stop myself from screaming and punching the air. I somehow managed to control myself but about 50 yards later I looked in my mirror and saw my wife standing there, on her own watching me leave. Every little bit of excitement instantly turned to guilt and loneliness, the feeling was so strong that I almost blubbered in my helmet. However, I wasn’t just leaving my wife, son and dog, I was also leaving my home, job and most importantly, familiarity. Everything from this point forward was going to be very different in a make it up as you go kind of way. Well, that was the first 200 yards of my trip, only another 10,000 miles to go. This was going to be one hell of a ride!”

One Man on a Bike - Richard Georgiou. Transalp, Sahara.

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