One Man on a Bike – Morocco Bound (The First Time)



Morocco 2009 One Man on a Bike

After eleven years, Richard finally felt he possessed the necessary skills to put his first, and most adventurous trip yet, down on paper. This is his story.

One Man on a Bike - Morocco Bound. New book.

This is a book about a rather ordinary man who had an extraordinary adventure. At thirty-seven, Richard wanted excitement so embarked on a month-long, solo motorbike ride from England to Morocco and back. What he didn’t realise was that he was about to get a little more excitement than he bargained for.

He was shot at somewhere around the Morocco/Algeria border, he rode through a minefield, completely lost his way in the blistering fifty-degree heat of the desert, got blind drunk in Alicante and cartwheeled his bike down the road in Ibiza. He also experienced many wonderful characters, moments of pure joy, intense emotion and enlightenment that changed him as a human.

This book is not only about his adventure, but also about Richard’s progress as a person and his battles with his past. 

This is his latest and 4th book. What a gem of a read! I laughed so many times as I read this, that I found myself reading parts out to Birgit and had her laughing too. Richard is a very genuine, amazingly honest, self-depreciating nut with a streak of adventure that has him dreaming, planning and going for it. The planning stage is just enough to keep him out of trouble and to give him the chance to make the most of his journey (in this book) from the UK to Morocco and the Western Sahara. However, he does get into trouble, frequently, and those moments are significant and magic parts of this story. His attitude and willingness to have a go, make this a very refreshing genuinely feel-good book. I valued the way he treats people and there are plenty of people stories woven in. These give a great image of the different cultures he rides though. His descriptions of places are very nicely done! Real talent. He had me there with him. I happily recommend ‘Morocco Bound (the first time)’ to anyone who is interested in overlanding by motorcycles, wants to learn, and has a need to be thoroughly entertained. – Sam Manicom, August 2020.

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