23rd June 2017 – The Morning


Last night was comprised of one huge thunderstorm, it’s starting to die down now but it’s still raining. I’ve checked the weather and it’s supposed to be lightning up in a couple of hours so I’m going to sit here in my tent and read for a few hours.

Oh, let’s talk about coffee. My body doesn’t function well without coffee. As such relying on outside sources for coffee always ends up with a cracking headache. My big plan was to fill up my large thermos with coffee from a cafe each day and live off that but to be honest it’s bloody expensive. Some places are asking for around twenty-five Euros which I don’t want to pay. So my plan was to buy some water and coffee at a supermarket and voila! Lovely, cheap, instant coffee. So that’s what I did. Unfortunately this morning when I went to make myself a nice cup of coffee I found that I’d bought sparkling water. Cold coffee is okay, but cold and fizzy is not nice at all. Doh!

Anyway, today I should have my first experience of the Carpathian Mountains. Interestingly, the Carpathian MountIns are home to the largest numbers of black bears and wolves in Europe. In the camp site cafe they have a bear skin complete with feet and head hanging on the wall. It’s absolutely massive.

Right I’m off to read my book and drink my fizzy coffee. Have a nice day ya hear!

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  • Lightening up I hope ! Not lightning up! Ha ha.
    Coffee looks like cappuccino!! Not bad.
    It’s cooled down here a lot and is breezy now.
    Much nicer.
    Richard Collyer sends you his regards.
    I hate to admit it but I am really missing you a lot!
    I worked out that last time you went I was working!, so no wonder I didn’t notice you gone that was 2012.

    Watch out for those big bears!!!
    Looking forward to 2 weeks time now xxxx

By Richard