18th July 2017

So, the last day. I woke at around six to the gentle sound of running water from the small stream not ten feet away from my tent. Even with the beautiful sound of the water I could feel my mind starting to worry and wanting to work through the problems I could face upon my […]

17th July 2017

I’m sitting here in front of my tent in a camp site about 50 kilometres south of Metz. That means I’ve still got about 365 kilometres to ride tomorrow to make Dieppe. I’ve booked my ferry ticket for 1800 tomorrow evening so will be back home late tomorrow to see my loveliness and Nelly the […]

16th July 2017

I’ve ridden my motorbike in Italy before, it was in 2009 and I was left with the opinion that the people of Italy didn’t want me there. This time I was determined to change that. I learnt enough words to be polite and I had instructed myself to be super nice to everyone even when […]

15th July 2017

Whato my lovelies! So, I’ve spent the week with my darling wife and now I’m on my way home. I’m currently in Italy in a camp site just north of Rome after catching the overnight ferry from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi last night and riding north today. In typical Georgiou style the week with my gorgeous […]

6th July 2017

It turns out I’m not as fit as I thought I was. After being told about a beautiful wooded walk by the owner of the hotel I’m staying in I decided that today was the day. I checked I had my shorts on, had some breakfast, grabbed my camera and set off. The next village, […]

4th and 5th July 2017

Yesterday I did bugger all so decided against one of my boring, super-lengthy blogs; however, today I’m going to meander my way down to the bottom of the Pelion so my blog is going to be both full and detailed. I’m going to try my hardest to avoid any of that stupid off roading stuff […]

3rd July 2017

Two things happened today. The first is that I became a true devotee of my superb motorcycle and its incredible abilities. The second is that my GPS and I are getting divorced. And yes, those two facts are indeed linked. I woke this morning to the sound of the most incredibly loud cicadas rasping their […]

2nd July 2017

With the temperature set to be about forty today it was definitely an ‘explore on foot’ day. After a double espresso, a boiled egg and a nice slice of cake for breakfast I made my way out into the village. I’m not sure if it was the early hour of the day, or the fact […]

1st July 2017

Today I had a decision to make. My plan was to ride from England to Greece and, well, I’ve done it. My wife and mates aren’t meeting me here until Friday so the question is, what the bloody hell do I do for a week? There were all sorts of answers spinning around in my […]

30th June 2017

After another sound nights sleep in a real bed I made my way down stairs and had breakfast. It was the normal affair with one small difference; after about half an hour I noticed that I was sitting there in my boxer shorts. I’d remembered to put on my tee shirt and flip flops but […]

29th June 2017

I’m writing this text from the veranda of the pension where I’m staying. The evening air is warm and humid but the slight breeze keeps it pleasant. The roof is comprised entirely of vines, the beginnings of their fruits starting to appear. The gentle sound of Greek music is slowly replacing that of the cacadas […]

28th June 2017

Okay, and breath. It’s ten-thirty and time to relax at last. Today has been about being cooked, getting lost, getting the bike completely stuck, being eaten alive, taking the same wrong turning three times, swearing a lot and having a right laugh with the lady in the toll collection booth. When I was at school […]

27th June 2017

If I had to use just one word to describe today it would be “incrediblybloodylong”. The time is now 22:45 and I’ve just turned up at a hotel. Anyway, my day.. Before leaving I had to pack all my stuff up and put on my leathers, unfortunately they take bloody ages to dry so were […]

26th June 2017

As far as Monday’s go I have to say, this one takes some beating. What an incredible day! Last night I finally rolled into a camp site at around eight o’clock and happened across a group of people from Poland on Honda Transalps (like mine). I pulled up next to them and set up camp. […]

24th and 25th June 2017

24th June 2017 Before I went to sleep last night I sat outside with one of my special fizzy coffees and watched the may bug slaughter. It wasn’t difficult for the agile bats as the may bugs aren’t the most elegant of fliers. One bounced off my head as I watched and another dive bombed […]

23rd June 2017 – The Evening

Whato my lovelies. Today has been a funny old day. I woke this morning to a huge thunderstorm and heavy rain but it had stopped by about eight so I pack up and left around nine. Riding through Slovakia was mesmerising, sure it’s got it’s rough parts but once out in the countryside it’s just […]

23rd June 2017 – The Morning

Last night was comprised of one huge thunderstorm, it’s starting to die down now but it’s still raining. I’ve checked the weather and it’s supposed to be lightning up in a couple of hours so I’m going to sit here in my tent and read for a few hours. Oh, let’s talk about coffee. My […]

22nd June 2017

Well, the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music, unfortunately last night most of it was by Dr Dre with some seriously ‘kick ass’ drumb & bass. Yep, the camp site I picked happened to also be the camp site of choice for a group of English students on a rafting trip. When […]

21st June 2017

Today had been hard. Sometimes it all just works out nicely, and sometimes it doesn’t. I was rudely awoken by a cracking thunderstorm at around one in the morning, this went on for about two hours and was all but impossible to sleep through. On top of that choosing a camp site right next to […]

20th June 2017

I woke this morning at 5:40 to the sound of the chap in the tent next to mine checking his BMW 1200GS. He was attentively checking the oil level and tyre pressures. The front must have been microscopically low as he then attached his flashy electric pump and turned it on for literally two seconds. […]

19th June 2017

I woke up just before six in the morning after a wonderful nights sleep. Another beautiful day presented itself as I popped my head out of my tent; the sky was blue and the sun was just about to appear out from the mountain it was hiding behind. As I sat and having my morning […]

18th June 2017

I woke up at 4am to the sound of a toddler throwing a complete wobbler in the tent next to mine. The parents did a fine job of demonstrating some of the most extreme volume whispering that I’d ever heard. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse another child started crying in a […]

17th June 2017

Is it possible to class a day as truly successful if one accidentally rides through the wrong country? Yes folks, I’ve just ridden through Belgium instead of France. <grin> Let me tell you how this happened. My plan for today was to get to Calais, then to ride to Dijon. So, I got to Calais, […]

16th June 2017

Well, the time is almost upon me, tomorrow, at the ungodly hour of 3am, I’ll be leaving the house and riding my motorbike to Greece and back. I’m sure many of you think “Here he goes again the bloody idiot, off on a motorbike jolly for a month of mid-life crisis induced misery and hardship” […]

11th June 2017

As I’m sure you can imagine, with only six days to go until departure I’m finding it difficult not to get excited. Simply keeping my mind from wandering off and my feet firmly on the ground is becoming more and more difficult the closer I get to departure. Earlier I found myself sitting at my desk […]