I’m writing this text from the veranda of the pension where I’m staying. The evening air is warm and humid but the slight breeze keeps it pleasant. The roof is comprised entirely of vines, the beginnings of their fruits starting to appear. The gentle sound of Greek music is slowly replacing that of the cacadas as the sun makes its descent towards the horizon. The calamari starter is long gone and I’ve just been presented with a beautiful looking fillet of chicken accompanied by, what can only be described as, a glorious Greek salad. Is it not moments like this that us Brits come here for?

To my left is the road I rode in on, though it has the comfort of familiarity, it’s been done, enjoyed and lived. The road to my right is far more interesting. It represents opportunity and the excitement of the unknown. Tomorrow I take the road to my right. Where it leads only chance knows. Perhaps new and exciting challenges. Perhaps.