29th June 2017


I’m writing this text from the veranda of the pension where I’m staying. The evening air is warm and humid but the slight breeze keeps it pleasant. The roof is comprised entirely of vines, the beginnings of their fruits starting to appear. The gentle sound of Greek music is slowly replacing that of the cacadas as the sun makes its descent towards the horizon. The calamari starter is long gone and I’ve just been presented with a beautiful looking fillet of chicken accompanied by, what can only be described as, a glorious Greek salad. Is it not moments like this that us Brits come here for?

To my left is the road I rode in on, though it has the comfort of familiarity, it’s been done, enjoyed and lived. The road to my right is far more interesting. It represents opportunity and the excitement of the unknown. Tomorrow I take the road to my right. Where it leads only chance knows. Perhaps new and exciting challenges. Perhaps.

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  • Rich you must venture EAST to Kalambaka. It probably will be a bit touristy but it is SOOOO amazing you have to see the Meteora once in your life. You will love it I’m sure.
    Have you had a swim? Where are the pics of the sea??
    Have you had metaxa or lovely greek wine?
    By the way “Cicadas” and “past”
    Look forward to Fridays post. We will be there a week tomorrow!!!!

      • There are 2 on 28th JUNE
        The ride to kato stories a took me…..PAST

        It felt so good to have some moving air going PAST me.

        Basically it’s always PAST unless you have the word “I”in front of it, then it is I passed….
        Easy xxxxx

        • Bloody hell, I thought it was past for ‘in the past’ and passed for ‘it went passed me’ but it was past if it was ‘it went flying past me’. Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it. Your new rule is excellent, so simple even an idiot like me can remember it, thank you. 🙂 xxx

By Richard